Friendly Gauntlet Thrown Down on County Trails!

beth-circle-head Beth Heller

As our view from the street level of Green Bay continues, we’re excited to share that one area business has thrown down a “gauntlet” to other local companies in an effort to get more employees out and about on Greater Green Bay’s awesome trails.  BayCare Clinic Bikes – an initiative promoting bicycling as a safe, healthy, family-friendly activity throughout northeastern Wisconsin – issued the friendly challenge with the goal of encouraging other area organizations to follow suit.

Ann Seidl, a BayCare Clinic spokesperson, shared that one of the clinic’s goals is to support the Greater Green Bay Active Communities Alliance, an action team convened by our team to create an active, connected community accessible to all Brown County residents.  

“We are challenging all area employers to join us in supporting this health and wellness initiative and purchasing state trail passes for their employees,” says Seidl.  “The goal is to help encourage employees to get out and get active .”

And it’s more than just healthier, happier employees. Another win is the message this sends to groups at county, city and village level about local community and business enthusiasm for trails and bike/ped friendly infrastructure.  Case-in-point, the Active Communities Alliance rallied together to promote the decision to plow the Fox River Trail, and is coming together in efforts, like this one, to show that when the county helps keep the trail open, the community responds by increasing use.


A state trail pass costs $25 per year. It allows pass holders access to more than 30 state trails, including the Fox River Trail and the Mountain-Bay Trail in Brown County. Cyclists, inline skaters, skateboarders and horseback riders 16 years of age and older must buy a trail pass to use those trails. There is no fee for walking or hiking on those trails. Users under the age of 16 do not require a trail pass.

Trail passes can be purchased through the Brown County Parks Department website, by calling the Brown County Parks Department at 920-448-6242, at several local vendor sites or at pay stations along the trails and trailheads.

BayCare Clinic has 900 potential employees and physicians who can end up on our trails. So, Greater Green Bay businesses, who’s going to hop on the trail pass challenge?   



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