Bike Bingo Was Its Name-O

mario-circle-head Mario Gonzalez

Mother Nature has certainly kept us on our toes this spring bringing us a blizzard, rain, and highs in the 70’s and then a week later dropping to the 40’s. But through it all we can find a constant in May being Bike Month – regardless of the weather. And for the 3rd straight year, Live54218 is bringing Bike Bingo to the Greater Green Bay community!


This year we’ve changed it up a little bit. We’re hosting Bike Bingo just through Bike Month (May 1-31st). We’ve also added some new spots on the card which will require you to take a photo and post it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #bikebingoggb. And finally, we’re working with the Green Bay Bicycle Collective and the Bay Shore Bicycle Club who will make stops at Bike Bingo locations as part of their rides. Check out their websites or follow us on social media for announcements of those rides.

Aside from those minor changes and additions, the process is the same.  You’ll still need to strap on your helmet and ride to collect five spaces in a row and earn yourself a “Bingo.” You can pick up your Bike Bingo Card from the participating bike shops which include The Bike Hub, Broken Spoke, inCompetition, Pete’s Garage and Stadium Bike East/West. You can also visit us at the third floor of the Greater Green Bay Chamber building and pick up your Bike Bingo card here. For more information visit our Bike Month Page.

While Bike Bingo is a fun way to ride your bike and have a chance to win some prizes, this game represents a much bigger picture of what the bike scene looks like in Greater Green Bay. In short – it’s growing rapidly.

The Bicycle Collective’s community bike shop has a constant flow of people coming to their shops the two days of the week that it’s open (Sunday and Wednesday from 10:00am-2:00pm). The Fox River Trail and East Trail are now connected giving the City of Green Bay 40 consecutive miles of trails. Leadership Green Bay helped bring 15 bike repair stations throughout the community as well as a vertical bike rack at the New Community Shelter which can hold and protect up to 100 bikes for their residents. And just yesterday, we celebrated Bike to School (in not ideal weather conditions) in addition to De Pere, Green Bay, Howard  and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay hosting “frogger”operations in a regional effort to encourage people walking, biking and driving to be safe and responsible while sharing the road.

These are just some of the latest examples of how Greater Green Bay is becoming more active and connected everyday and in doing so becoming a more attractive place to call home. And what’s most exciting about these steps toward becoming a more bikeable and walkable community, is that it’s happening through the efforts of non-profits, private businesses, elected officials and residents themselves. It truly is our community coming together to grow our well-being.

Have a favorite route you like to ride your bike on? Has a bike repair station come in handy? Have a great story to share about riding your bike through Greater Green Bay? We’d love to hear from you!


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