Snapshot #2: There’s a Park Under there Somewhere

beth-circle-head Beth Heller

As I type this, I’m looking out my front window at the park across the street, which is covered in a record breaking, and frankly soul-crushing, amount of April snow.  But, being the tough Northeast Wisconsin mom that I am, the blanket of miserable white stuff shall not deter me from writing this week’s blog feature on the awesomeness that is summer in the Green Bay parks.

Calvin in the snow

Awesomeness?  Indeed.

A few years back, shortly after moving into our new home in Green Bay, my son wandered in from the park across the street carrying a ham sandwich.  When I asked where it came from, Calvin replied:

“There are people over there, who play games and serve lunch to all the kids.”

That was my first introduction to the Playground Leaders that I’ve since learned are affectionately called “parkees.” The folks, who are employees of the Green Bay Parks District, staff different park programs across the city during the summer.  They hang out at the shelters, lead games and activities and generally promote good summer fun. Coming from a large city where summer fun was something purchased by parents in the form of organized camps and special “learning programs,” this idea of local parks staffed by people in charge of playing with my kids was radical.  

They had me at “sandwich.”  

Seriously, though, the value-add provided by the Green Bay’s Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is one of our our communities biggest assets.  And, as a mom with a pretty strict budget, I am constantly amazed at how much our parks make it possible to enjoy our community year round at little or no damage to my bank account.  To add to the fun, Green Bay Area Public Schools Summer Food Program will serve free lunch to all kids under age 18 this summer at local parks.

So, heads up.  If you’re looking to get your kids psyched up for summer, put this event on your calendar.  Parks Perks is a one-stop shop of park information, complete with a free meal and outside fun.  

Parks Perks:  

Savvy moms will not want to miss this fun event where the parks crew, in partnership with Green Bay Area Public Schools and Live54218, will be kicking off the parks season.  This FREE, family-friendly event will help you learn about your closest local park, free programs and fitness classes. Enjoy music, animals from the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, cotton candy, a visit from Jeremiah the Bullfrog, and more. Complimentary walking tacos will be provided by the Green Bay Area Public School District Food Service Department (one complimentary meal per person over the age of 1).  

Thursday, May 17, 2018

5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Joannes Park Pavilion, 215 S. Baird Street in Green Bay

What’s your favorite Green Bay Park event or activity?  Share it here!


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