Tidbit #3: Can We Come to Your Table?

beth-circle-head Beth Heller

As part of our expanded focus with The GROW Project, Live54218 is working to forge broader community connections and have authentic conversations about the definition of well-being.  In the next few months, we’re going to be out in the community, seeking to engage and inspire a group of Well-being Influencers to help this movement GROW (Greater Green Bay Reimagining Our Well-being) and we don’t want to get it wrong.  

After decades of understanding that obesity and sedentary living are associated with chronic disease and poor quality of life, it should be extremely shocking to us all that obesity and behaviors, like smoking and sedentary lifestyle, that do not promote health, still persist in our community.  Yet, they do – and one of the reasons is that an individual’s zip code still impacts their health even more than their genetic code.  

To truly impact health and well-being, we need to look deeper into what conditions need to be in place for our community to be truly “well.”  An emerging science of well-being suggests that for a community to truly experience well-being, the conditions need to be in place to support economic prosperity, a sense of life purpose and hope as well as a sense of interconnectedness with others in the community.  Yet introducing the concepts of economic opportunity, purpose and interconnectedness increases the complexity of this work exponentially.  Communities are made of individuals and smaller groups, with differing life experiences and perspectives, so ensuring we understand what well-being really means to all the voices in the community lies at the core of this work.  

This past week, Green Bay hosted the second anniversary of the Women’s March in Wisconsin with a walk and a day of action celebrating the accomplishments of women of color.  After the walk, which drew over 500 individuals to downtown Green Bay, a group of diverse community stakeholders –including moms, dads, people from businesses and nonprofits, activists, and interested citizens –  engaged in workshop discussions around some of the toughest issues facing our community.  It was a tremendous example of bringing people together for authentic discussion.  

Over the next few months the team at Live will be reaching out to our community partners to establish connection, trust and listen to as many different voices as possible.  Our goal is to set a table, visit your table and perhaps even create “neutral” community tables where we can all just meet up and get to know one another.  Are you part of a group that is seeking to improve well-being in Greater Green Bay or a group that is not experiencing optimal well-being?  If so, please let us know so we can be sure to seek you out and have a conversation and understand your view and explore solutions that resonate for you!  

For more information about connecting with The GROW Project, contact mario@live54218.com.


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