Tidbit #2 “A New Scope”

beth-circle-head Beth Heller

Once upon a time, in the galaxy of Green Bay, the mission at Live54218 began.  In an effort to defeat childhood obesity, a group of rebels banded together to bring nourishing food, safe sidewalks and active living back into vogue in Greater Green Bay.  In the name of their cause, these fighters introduced the number 54218 to stand for healthy behaviors each and every person could do every day to help fight obesity.  Thanks to the work of Live54218, many people know the philosophy:

Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

Drink 4 eight ounce glasses of water a day

Spend < 2 hours on screens

Get 1 hour of physical activity

Sleep for 8 hours each night

The guidelines were straightforward, but the work took some interesting turns – introducing Farm to School programs, creating an organic farming co-op, engaging with advocacy groups to make the Fox River Trail a year-round destination.  Out of this journey, a Force (have the Star Wars nerds started to pick up on the theme of this week’s tidbit yet?) arose that was strong in the city:  a desire to celebrate the strengths of our community and to use our unique assets to optimize, not only health, but also happiness and prosperity of all who call the Greater Green Bay area home.  

Now in the new year, Live54218 is launching into the most ambitious project yet, The GROW Project.  Our new mission?  To increase community well-being.  Call it quality of life, optimal wellness, or simply feeling excited about where we live and hopeful for the future – we’re ready to jump to lightspeed.

In next week’s blog we’ll share a few more specifics about what’s in store for The GROW Project over the next two months, especially our Road Show.  

For now, stop Leah’ing around and start thinking about how to get your Hans dirty and Luke for ways to get involved as a Force for well-being in Greater Green Bay.  


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