What’s New at Live This January? Four Must-Know Tidbits for 2018

beth-circle-head Beth Heller

Tidbit #1:  Live’s got a New E.D.:  

In case you missed the news, Live54218 has a new Executive Director!  Natalie Bomstad has moved from her role as Director of Operations at Live54218 to take over as our E.D.  This is fabulous news for a group that’s poised to push the limits of well-being in Greater Green Bay.  And, while Natalie’s professional resume tells the story of a talented candidate, that’s just half the story.  In an organization focused on inspiring our community to strive for the highest possible quality of life, it’s the other things about Natalie that make her the perfect person for the job:    


  • Although Natalie grew up as a proud yooper, she’s actually a Green Bay native.  In point of fact, she was born at Bellin hospital!  
  • Natalie is winterproof.  After growing up in the UP, getting an undergrad degree from Michigan Tech and an MPH from the University of Minnesota, it’s easy to understand how Green Bay winters are just one more reason to get outside and have fun (and have warm hot chocolate waiting for you once back inside!)
  • Natalie married her high school sweetheart, Andrew, just a few years ago. She shares this fun fact with both her brother and sister-in-law as well as her parents!
  • To those who might be curious, Natalie was sorted into Hufflepuff house.
  • As a kid, Natalie would raise ducks and collect frogs. These days, she only has one furry friend, her dog Charlie, who is better behaved than many, many children.  
  • An interest in equity, improving the health of all, and learning about new cultures took her to Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica to volunteer where she was moved by the power of the human spirit.
  • Natalie loves strategy games, her current favorite being Carcassonne.  Keep this in mind when you’re working with her.
  • Not one to shy from a challenge, Natalie’s biggest daredevil action to date has been skydiving.  (Taking on the enormous goals we’ve set for 2018 at Live may be a close second!).  
  • She makes mean, gluten-free muffins and often shares them with her staff.  

Perhaps, most importantly, is something that is very hard to convey in a press release – Natalie brings a spirit of innovation and excellence to everything she does.  Our team couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead!  

Stay tuned for more tidbits in January…


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