Lifelong Lessons Await

beth-circle-headBy Beth Heller

This August our blog cracks open the books on the benefits of lifelong learning (LL), the continued educational experience that utilizes non-credit academic courses, travel and even volunteerism to keep our brains engaged, promote physical activity and keep us connected to our community.  

From the definition above, you probably already sussed out that Live54218 sees LL as an important way to promote well-being in Greater Green Bay.  Luckily, our community offers a big range of opportunities for seniors to engage, including the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay.  This program allows retired and semi-retired individuals to sign up for as many as 15 courses per semester for a very reasonable fee.  Even more interesting, the LLI’s structure relies on “peer learning,” where members not only participate as students, they are welcome to volunteer as instructors, too.  

Perhaps it’s that last bit that makes LLI so powerful.  Last month we wrote a great deal about purpose, that feeling that each day of life matters.  In retirement, many people feel disconnected from their life’s purpose, particularly those that connected deeply to their careers and past accolades.  In an LL situation, these skills and accumulated wisdom provide value to others both as classmates and even as instructors.  

But you don’t have to go to university to keep learning.  It can happen in your home, at a local library, the grocery store and even the golf course!  In the coming weeks we’ll be heading on and off-campus to examine the ways our senior community can continue to grow and thrive mentally, physically and in spirit.  Stay tuned to learn more.  


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