Two Fun Ways to Enjoy Two Wheels!

mario-circle-headBy Mario Gonzalez

As we mentioned last week, this May our blog is focused on transportation, the concrete system that helps a community not only get from point A to point B, but can also promote social relationships, active lifestyle and overall well-being…especially when we stretch our imagination to include an environment that makes biking as easy and as enjoyable as hopping in a car.  

May is bike month, and before you start rolling your eyes at the thought of lycra and back-pack water bottles, this month isn’t just for “century addicts” and elite athletes.  The goal of bike month is to encourage ONE AND ALL to put on their helmets and pedal the Greater Green Bay Area’s streets, bike paths, and trails to experience the ways that two wheels can be as much, or more fun, than four.  

And, to sweeten the deal, here are two, family-friendly and community supportive ways to enjoy your bike during the month of May and beyond:  

Bicycle Benefits:  Together with the Wisconsin Bike Fed, Live54218 has brought Bicycle Benefits to town! Bike Benefits is a network of bike-friendly businesses that have raised their hand to show support for “pedal power” by offering a special discount or offer to Bicycle Benefits participants.  To take advantage of this grassroots program, visit a participating business and purchase a Bicycle Benefits sticker (good for a lifetime – which may get even longer if you keep riding your bike) and stick it on your helmet.  Ride on over to any or all of the participating businesses and claim your benefit.  And there’s more – Bicycle Benefits are good nationwide so be sure to pack your helmet when you travel this summer.  There are currently 25 businesses participating in Greater Green Bay so get out and get moving!  For a complete listing of participating businesses, please visit: bb2.bicyclebenefits.org.  

Bike Bingo:  In case you missed it last year, Bike Bingo is back!  This year we are featuring the Bicycle Benefit businesses. How to play:

  • Pick up your Bike Bingo card at participating locations (visit http://www.live54218.org/bike for a complete listing) and pop in at participating businesses from May 13th through June 30th.
  • Collect five spaces in a row and yell “BINGO.” Then follow the instructions on the card to claim your prizes between July 1-15th. You don’t have to have a Bicycle Benefits sticker to play Bingo, but if you’re already visiting their business why not get one and take advantage of both!

And hey, if you get out there, please take a photo and use the hashtag #BikeBingo and tag Live54218 while you’re at it.   To learn more about these events and many more of the bike activities happening throughout Greater Green Bay, visit Live54218.org/bike.  Bike on!  


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